Sell Your Old Refrigerator

What are the most common issues with a refrigerator and how do we resolve it

Refrigerators usually have a longer life and there are several common issues that can arise with a refrigerator:

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your refrigerator, it is best to call a professional repair service to diagnose and fix the problem. Even after this your refrigerator still shows up with issues you should consider selling your old refrigerator for a better price before it completely stops working or causes any more issue.

How To Care For A Refrigerator And Increase Its Life Span

  • Don't forget to swiftly close the refrigerator door.
  • Examine the door seal of the refrigerator.
  • Set the proper temperature for efficient cooling.
  • Arrange and cover objects correctly in the refrigerator.
  • Keep the vents inside the refrigerator clear.
  • The collection of empty ice.

How to sell your old refrigerator at Digi2L

You will have to visit the website digi2l.co.in

Then go to the smart sell page

Select Your Appliance Details And It's Condition.Click Get The Price

After Which You Will Get A Price Estimate For Your Product As Per The Condition Mentioned.

Enter Your Personal Details And Choose The Date For Quality Check. Next, Click On Get Exact Price.

The Team Will Get In Touch With You As Per Your Mentioned Date And Time.

Once The Price Is Confirmed Pick Up Will Be Scheduled As Per Your Convenience.

After the pickup you will receive instant payment.Ta-da product sold.Share your reviews on google.

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